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  1. D-1 D-1FS

    • Material : Steel Cup, Cone and race • Special : "Heavy duty" lower cup design (D-Cup) • Especially designed for BMX. Freestyle, Jumping and ATB bikes • Optional parts : Adjusting plug set with STD bolt (D-1) or Hollow bolt (D-1 FS) • Size : 1-1/8" • Color : Black, Red or Blue ED • Weight : 180g(D-1)/194g(D-1FS)

  2. MX 122

    • Aluminum Bracket (Silver finish, Anodized, Powder white) • Cold forged Aluminum lever Handle (Silver finish, Anodized, Powder white) • Clamp 22.2 mm or 23.8 mm (Silver finished, Anodized, Powder white) • Clamp 26 mm (Silver finished, Black anodized) • 88g/pair

  3. 282S

    ・20mm Longer lever handle than Tech77(182S-Ⅱ)lever ・Diecast aluminum bracket, A6061 forged aluminum lever handle ・Finish:Black bracket, Silver Lever handle ・Thumb-lock stopper ・Hinged clamp(φ22.2mm) ・Weight:120g/pc

  4. MX-2 BL200

    • Designed for long arm canti brakes and caliper brake • Aluminum diecast bracket. (Powder black,red or white) • Cold forged aluminum handle (Silver finish/Black anodized) • 2mm reach adjustable leverage • Cable travel : 23.8mm (V type brake) / 15.0mm (For caliper brake) • "V" Position for V type brake • "N" Position for caliper brake • 168g/pair

  5. TECH-77

    • Diecast aluminum bracket (Black finish, Powder White or Pink) • Cold forged aluminum lever handle (Silver finish, Anodized, Powder white or pink) • Hinged clamp • Freestyle use • 228g/pair

  6. CTM-PAD

    • Cartridge type pad for LACB with adjustable hardware • Color : 2 color pad

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