• Diecast aluminum bracket (Black finish)
• Forged aluminum lever handle (Silver anodized/Black finish)
• 2mm reach adjuster
• BRS return spring
• 176g/Pair

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  1. F203 BOXXER


    • On road assist brake set for Track race bikes with front brake, adapter, lever and cable • Oval, circle or aerofork clamp

  3. FS996 “HOMBRE”

    • Cold forged aluminum arms • Freestyle use • Dual Spring tension adjustment • W/anchor bolt parts • V-type Brake shoe can accommodate rim width between 22-32mm • Hombre-Pads • Color , Silver finish, Anodized; powder white or pink • 208g/wheel

  4. F203DH

  5. MX-2 BL200

    • Designed for long arm canti brakes and caliper brake • Aluminum diecast bracket. (Powder black,red or white) • Cold forged aluminum handle (Silver finish/Black anodized) • 2mm reach adjustable leverage • Cable travel : 23.8mm (V type brake) / 15.0mm (For caliper brake) • "V" Position for V type brake • "N" Position for caliper brake • 168g/pair

  6. BRS200

    • Light weight Side pull Caliper Brake for Road Racing & Triathlon Bike • Cold forged aluminum arms (Silver or Black anodized) • BRS index quick release • New Cartridge type brake pads • Dimension : 39-51mm • 136g/wheel

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