• Hand rest
• Clamp Ø23.8mm
• Color : Brown or Black
• 110g/pair

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  1. 282

    ・TECH77 with 20mm Longer Lever handle ・Weight: 114g/pc

  2. 282SW

    ・Double cable pull of 282S ・Weight: 142g/pc

  3. 132MT45

    • Aluminum bracket (Silver finish, anodized, powder white) • Cold forged aluminum Lever handle bend 45 degrees(Anodized, powder white) • Clamp 22.2mm(Silver finish, anodized, powder white) • 100g/pair

  4. OPC-34

    • Color : Gray • 10° tapered angle for side-pull brakes • Passed BAA (Bicycle Association Approved)

  5. DC189

    •Cold forged aluminum Lever handle(Silver anodized) •Diecast aluminum Bracket(Silver painting) •Handle bar trailing cable mount system •2mm Allen-key reach adjustment system •Handle Bar Diameter ID20mm •Weight: 200g/pair


    • CNC hole for light Weight • Aluminum Cold Forged • Angle 70° • Bar bore Ø25.4mm or Ø26mm x 80L or 100L • Post Length 130mm • Color : Buffed Anodized (Silver, Black, Gold, orBlue) • Weight : 248g(Ø25.4/80L/Post Length 130mm)/270g(Ø25.4/100L/Post Length 130mm)

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