•Tech77W with 15mm Longer Lever handle
•138 g/pc

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  1. 282S

    ・20mm Longer lever handle than Tech77(182S-Ⅱ)lever ・Diecast aluminum bracket, A6061 forged aluminum lever handle ・Finish:Black bracket, Silver Lever handle ・Thumb-lock stopper ・Hinged clamp(φ22.2mm) ・Weight:120g/pc

  2. 884L

    • Cold forged aluminum arms (Silver finish/anodized) • Dimension 68-86 mm • OPC30/31 pads • Reverse pull • 200g/Wheel

  3. HR07

    • HAND REST for Tandem bike • Diecast aluminum bracket • Resin lever (black) • Anatomically designed bracket cover • 204g/pair

  4. 100.2/G

    • Aluminum end cap with green color

  5. MX806

    • Forged aluminum arms (Silver finish/Black anodized) • Power reinforcement with dual-pivot device • Dimension 57-75mm • 210g/wheel

  6. MX1500

    ・Two Bolts Seat Post Clamp ・Diameter 25.4mm ・Anodized (Silver,Black,Gold, Red, Blue),Powder white ・Weight: 60g

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