• Color : Black or Gray with toe-in dots
• Aluminum and steel post with measuring lines

Related Products

  1. 1245

    • GC450 use • Aluminum body • Buffed and Silver anodized • Cable bridge with pulley guide

  2. CT-PAD

    • Cartridge type pad for L.C.A.B. with adjustable hardware • For ceramic coating rim • Color : Satin anodized holder / Black pad

  3. 94A

    • Material : A 6061 • Color : Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Green and Purple • For DC131, DC133, DC135, DC139, MX121, MX122 and 128S-II

  4. DC189 ID16-18

    •Cold forged aluminum Lever handle(Black anodized) •Diecast aluminum Bracket(Black ED) •Handle bar trailing cable mount system •2mm Allen-key reach adjustment system •Handle Bar Diameter ID16-18mm •Weight: 192g/pair

  5. GC610

    • Aluminum CNC Machined arms • Dimension 47-61mm • Silver anodized • 190g/wheel

  6. AD997TW “MAGIC”

    • Melt forged aluminum arms (Black ED/Powder white) • Dual Cable Pull for rear wheel w/anchor bolts • Dual spring tension adjustment • V-type brake shoe can accommodate rim width of 22-32mm • Hombre pads • 215g/wheel

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