In 1987 DIA-COMPE TAIWAN CO., LTD. was established as DIA-COMPE group’s manufacturing base at Taichung Industrial Park in Taiwan, R.O.C.

Founder of DIA-COMPE started to produce bicycle brakes in Japan in 1930,and a corporate organization “YOSHIGAI MACHINE & METAL Works CO., LTD”. was established in 1949.

Since then,DIA-COMPE has always been leading bicycle market and has been keeping providing high quality products in the world. Our High quality Bicycle Brake components and Bicycle Accessories are based on our own developed engineering technique, “Aluminum Cold Forge technology”.

Headquarter of DIA-COMPE group,YOSHIGAI Corporation, is located in Osaka, Japan. Second manufacturing base, Kunshan DIA-COMPE, was established at near Shanghai, China in 1991.

DIA-COMPE’s basic theory to develop products is thinking safety and comfort of bicycle life. We, bicycle people, must keep a better environment and future for our children to be able to keep riding bicycles forever.

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